Monday, 31 May 2010

Planned Super Hobby Week 1-7th June

OK as mentioned before i have a lot of hobby to catch up on to get back into the swing of things, so every day for 7 days i will be participation in some kind of event that will get me back on track. The line up looks a little like this.

Tuesday. Club night at October Wargames. I already have my first 2 spearhead games lined up and a game of Space Hulk. Should be fun

Wednesday. Shaun's gaming night. A night to chat hobby and give some last minuit practice for the Expo Tourney

Thursday. Club night Solihull. Meet some more friends and continue to open up my gamer base and help build the Birmingham gaming community.

Friday. GW Sutton Coldfield. Another Spearhead game and maybe some other pick up games if time allows.

Saturday. GW Birmingham/Expo. Gav Thorpe is doing a book signing so i will be going down to get me a signed copy and then off the expo to get a feel for the place

Sunday. UK Games Expo. All day running the 40k Tourney should be a lot of fun and hopefully get some people talking and organise some future events.

Monday. Warhammer World. Apocalypse Day. A group from October Wargames are all planning on a couple of 5k games and some Bugmans food. Should be a good day all round.

Well thats just a basic overview and hopefully after each day ill have a little round up and post them up.

Quick update

As the house moving has taken far longer than i thought, then i havnt posted anywhere near as much as i intended, but i will start later today with my initial thoughts on Spearhead and my planned hobby mega week. So stay tuned.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

And so it begins...

Well this is my first post and ill start with telling you where i am and what the plans are for the near future.

Well 1st I'm in the process of moving house which has cut down on hobby time although it is use full for finding things i thought i had lost or just forgot i had like my Tau Barracuda.

2nd I'm also trying to find time to organise the UK Games Expo 40k tournament which i am co running and organising, although the pack itself and organisation is easy enough, the actual terrain which I'm in the process of making, is taking time. The event in the past had a reputation for poor quality terrain and i hope for the most part that this will not be an issue this year.

3rd is finding a job. Since leaving GW the progress into the job market has been slow but i am learning a lot of things about society and how some things in the real world work so that's a good thing and the free time has also helped hobby time (or will once the house move is complete).

4th sorting out my wedding to the wonderful Sarah. Although the date is in September alot of work goes into a wedding (more than i thought anyway) so this will also be taking a lot of my time away, although in a good way.

So what are my plan for the the future, well army wise its gonna be working on a Ork Dread Mob which is contained in the new FW Imperial Armour book which i love but will discuss in a latter post. The main reason is 1st i love orks and 2nd i already own 13 Killa Kans 6 Deffdreads and 1 Megadread so a list where i can field all of them together will be pretty sweet.

Other than that i will be looking at running a 2nd big 40k tournament but this time at my gaming club, Ive not started planning what kind of event it will be although higher pointed games may happen this will depend on time and interest though.

Well i think that's everything, and if i have forgotten anything ill be sure to post it up soon.