Thursday, 31 March 2011

The WAAAAGH is brewing

Its been a while so what have i been doing? With a local Tourney im attending (Immortals Warzone in Birmingham) coming up in a couple of weeks im adding the finishing touches to my 1750 Ork army that ill be taking (see above) which i only have 12 more lootaz to go on top of the 12 i have already done, much Dakka in this list. The biggest problem with the army i will be facing is i wont have any chance to actually playtest the list properly before the event itself which will suck but im confident enough to do well with it regardless (famous last words). Overall the quality of the list is somewhat irrelevent thought as this event itself is serving as the initial testbed for my ETC ork army so whatever i learn will be well analysed for future events so i can refine it more so for when it heads to the big time. As well as my Orks my Raptors are now compleate for now minus some Badab themed objective markers which i hope to show in the next couple of days and also some pics of my more recent works as i play in my clubs campaign which starts next week. I also hope to do a review of the FW open day which is on this sunday and is one of my favorite days of the year so really looking forward to that.