Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Follow the ETC 2012

Use the above link to follow the progress of the teams involved including Scotland :), so you may even see some of me up on there - winning hopefully, lol.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Forged for Battle - Canoptek Acanthrites

Can be seen here

So FW have released a new Necron unit the Canoptek Acanthrites. These guys look pretty awesome and in fact pretty scary too from a cinematic point of view, buzzing around with all those blades. So in terms of model it’s a win for me and a future purchase (a given really).

The big question for me is are they better than or equal to Wraiths which these are just a variant of, from a game play point of view. That is because both are Fast Attack choices, Jump Infantry and have Rending so very similar.

So on the plus side are more durable as while the loose the 3++ save, T5 W3 and Stealth is better at keeping them alive against most weapon big and small, although if you have crazy hot dice all the time then nothing can stop a Wraith no matter what hits them although im sure most people would agree they tend not to have that kind of luck when needed. From an offensive point of view they are worse losing an attack, the option for whip coils and St6 is a massive blow and means they can get bogged down in combat easily for their points. Also not being able to ignore terrain will slow them down which will also hinder them. The only offensive advantage they have is the Cutting Beam which while useful can only offset the amount of time in a protracted combat not help them win it.

If I were to use these in an army it would have to be a largish squad of 6-9 to maximise the durability of the unit that can really anchor a flank or tie up anything that’s not a GK’s squad of any type with a Force Weapon.

So are the better than a Wraith being my initial questions, well at the moment no they are not. Wraiths are just cheaper and better at what they are meant to do these are not, but in no way are they a bad unit in fact there a very good unit for what points you pay, they’re just not Wraith good, which if you take a look at the UK Tournament scene at the moment is full of them, attesting to their potent nature.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hobby update

So Battlefield Birmingham is now over and i ended up taking 23/38 which im very happy with considering the lack of playtesting and lack of any plan in the construction of the army, so just below midway is an achivment especially considering over 25% of all armies present were Grey Knights (BOO!).

So i would like to thank Harry for organising the event and also my 5 opponants Matt, Adam, Gaz, James and Andy for 5 fun games that i learnt a lot from.

The main thing i learnt though from the whole event is how much fun i can have with the Tyranid dex and glad to announce that i have submitted my list for the 40K UK GT and it will be another random and seemingly confused list that will keep me entertained for a weekends gaming. So if anyone has any opinions please comment.

Tyranid Prime80
Boneswords x2 10
Deathspitter 5
Adrenal Gland 10 105

Hive Guard x3 150

Zoanthropes x3 180
Mycetic Spore 40

Doom of Malan’tai 90
Mycetic Spore 40

Genestelers x8 112

Termagants x15 75
Devourers 75 150

Tervigon 160
Catalyst 15
Scything Talons 5 180

Mawloc 170

Tyrannofex 250
Rupture Cannon 15
Cluster Spines 0 265

Tyrannofex 250
Rupture Cannon 15
Cluster Spines 0 265

Total Points 1747

Monday, 20 February 2012

I miss my Blog.... It will be returning soon.

Just a heads up, its been almost a year since i last post and have missed out on posting loads of really good content so will be back soon with some coverage of Battlefield Birmingham which takes place this coming weekend, where i well be taking my Tyanid Army.

Also i will be covering where my Raptors army is now, my thoughts on the new Eldar Corsair list form IA 11, the planning for the UK Games Expo as well as the 40kUK GT and also the buildup to this years ETC in Poland where i will be the Scottish Vice Captain this year. So stick around there is a lot to come.