Tuesday, 5 April 2011

FW Open Day - My review

Well first off id like to say thanks to all the people i got to speak to on the day from fellow Bloggers such as Sorrowshard, fellow Freebootas and gamers from around my local area that made the trip to WW to share there resin addictions with the rest of us.

So what did i think of the day?

Overall it was a lot of fun, there were a lot of people there as expected (obviously those who prioritise resin over there mothers) and overall more or less the same as the previous years that I've been. What were the good bits then?

Well having access to the all the FW staff and designers means you get a really personnel feel from the company and a lot of insight into how they work and the thinking that goes into all there kits.

The ability to buy pre-release stuff is also a nice thing and this years releases were amazing, more so in person, than any picture Ive seen to date especially the RoB expansion tile which is a must get (note a trench tile maybe in the works). What i also liked about this was they limited how much of the show model you could order to 1 and made you order the rest so that everyone could get one - they should have done this years ago.

The reservation system was also much improved as you paid and collected on the day which is much better than the system at games day.

What were the bad bits?

The que as it lasted forever. Now this is partly there fault and partly unavoidable. The problem was having only 2 tills and 1 card reader as the venue didn't have a socket for a 2nd machine. Well that is something that cannot be helped but they should no this in advance and warned people to pay cash to speed things up.

The cabinets, by this i mean there back catalogue of models were no where to be seen only the really recent stuff which was a shame and made it feel very empty. I like looking through the older stuff as sometime you forget a certain part and it can inspire you when you see it in person to want to buy it.

No new game, all the had was a rehashed titan game from last year which while cool and I'm sure exciting for new people was a bit blah for the vets. I really think they should have some cool tables and have some cool events or scenarios that involves there figures.

Did anything you did/saw really stand out?

The new Dark Eldar were a bit of a surprise and a good one. The chance to look though IA 11 was cool although its much further of than i would like. And special mention goes to the Phantom Titan which needs to be seen to be truly appreciated it is immense for all the right reasons.

Did you buy anything?

Well dur it would be rude not to although my budget this year is super tight, i managed to convince myself i needed the Show Only Boarding Marine which is cool and comes with a combi melta which is always useful and i also bought a Wraithseer as its like sex on legs amongst the already stunning Eldar line. Pictures of that will be up soon as Ive already almost finished painting it.

Would you go again?

Forgeworld day = Me there, i wouldn't miss it no matter how bad a day it is i love my resin.


  1. Awesome, I didn't realise the Wraithseer was up for purchase already I thought it was pre-order only.

    Pretty pumped to see what you do with it. It's a really cool sculpt!

  2. It was a special show pre release bonus should be available to the general public soon